The Intelligent NanoDelivery System for Personal Care Products:


The Intelligent NanoDelivery System for Personal Care Products provides a variety of innovative, effective and safe ingredients in an easy-to-blend nano-sized package usable in any product formulation. Using the latest nanotechnology advances, clinically proven and safe ingredients, and specialized delivery systems, the Intelligent NanoDelivery System will enhance the effectiveness and aesthetics of fine cosmetics and personal care products.

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Concept Behind the Intelligent NanoDelivery System

Scientists behind the Intelligent NanoDelivery System for Personal Care Products have utilized state-of-the-art advances in pharmaceutical transdermal drug delivery, to produce tailorable, nano-sized delivery vehicles that penetrate to selected depths of skin or the hair cuticle to deliver beneficial substances. This allows appropriate support of the skin and hair according to its structure and developmental state. Confocal microscope imaging results have been used to study the dermal penetration of various Intelligent NanoDelivery System products compared with “hard” gold and calcium carbonate nanoparticles. Softer, deformable mixtures penetrate deeper and deliver ingredients effectively.

The products in the Intelligent NanoDelivery System can be mixed to create an intelligent gradient of nutrients that truly supports skin regeneration, repair and protection. Regular use will lead to real, long-term improvements in the skin’s and hair’s appearance and texture.

Ready-to-Use and Worry-free

The Intelligent NanoDelivery System provides ready-to use, nano-sized, ingredients intended for mixing with a customer’s formulation. Depending on what you would like to achieve, a mixture of one or more products from this system can be used to create a unique and effective product. Pre-mixed blends tailored for dermal healing, dermal support, dermal softening, and dermal renew are available. We use consistent, simple formulas, medical and food grade bio-friendly, quality ingredients, minimal preservatives, sterile, traceable processing, and stringent testing of safety and function. We can also address mixing challenges specific to your product or application, by creating an appropriate delivery system tailored for your formulations and desired outcome. This is done by selecting a size, outside, charge, internal contents, and best combination of components.


Intelligent Nano Delivery System was created as a response to the growing market demands in the field of personal care products. Our solutions help reduce production costs, increase the quality and efficiency of production of the companies that implement it.

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